For inquiries about admissions to Christ Church, please visit www.chch.ox.ac.uk/admissions.

  • Christ Church and the American Friends

    Are there any events happening near me?

    Please see our events page for our latest news on upcoming events.

  • Christ Church and the American Friends

    Can I volunteer to host or speak at an event?

    If you would like to be involved in helping us run an event please contact the Development Office. We are particularly keen to hear from people who might be able to help us with unusual and ‘behind the scenes’ event spaces.

  • Christ Church and the American Friends

    What are the American Friends Scholarships?

    The American Friends Scholarships provide financial aid to current graduate students at Christ Church who are US citizens and studied at a North American University at undergraduate level. You can read more about our American Friends Scholars here.

    We are delighted that we have recently endowed a full American Friends Scholarship thanks to gifts at every level from our American Friends, and now one of the American Friends Scholarships will be available in perpetuity.

  • Christ Church and the American Friends

    How can I give to an American Friends Scholarship?

    To donate to an American Friends Scholarship, please visit our donation page and select ‘American Friends Scholarships’. Thank you for your support.

  • Visiting Christ Church

    Can I bring family and friends to visit Christ Church?

    Christ Church allows free access to University of Oxford Alumni Card-holders and a guest during opening hours. Please see below for details on how to order your Alumni Card. You are advised to check for upcoming closures before travelling. When visiting the preferred point of entry is Tom Gate. For larger groups, please contact the Development Office to inquire about arrangements. Members are welcome to view the Lower Library space with a guest. Members and their guests may also visit exhibitions in the Upper Library with guests during the regular opening hours: Monday – Friday: 10.00 am - 1.00 pm; 2.00 pm - 4.30 pm. Items in special collections may be viewed by appointment only.

  • Visiting Christ Church

    How do I order an Alumni Card?

    All Members are entitled to a University of Oxford Alumni Card, which is issued centrally from the Oxford Alumni Office. Recent graduates are issued a card automatically; Members without a card are encouraged to request one by visiting the University of Oxford Alumni Card webpages.

    Your card will entitle you to a variety of discounts and ensure access to various Colleges and University buildings. Please bring your card to use as ID when you visit Christ Church. If you are planning to visit Oxford soon, and are concerned that you may not receive your Alumni Card in time, please email enquiries@alumni.ox.ac.uk to request a temporary Alumni Card.

  • Visiting Christ Church

    Can I dine in Hall when visiting Christ Church?

    Members who matriculated more than seven years ago or who matriculated for a second degree or as a Visiting Student more than four years ago are welcome to dine at High Table up to twice a term. A member is not entitled to bring a guest but this can often be waived and a spouse, partner, or close colleague may be welcomed. It is not possible to bring guests under 18 years old or undergraduates from Christ Church. Please contact the Steward's PA, Jackie Folliard, to book. Her contact details are jacqueline.folliard@chch.ox.ac.uk | 01865 286580. Please advise her of any dietary and accessibility requirements at the earliest opportunity of booking along with any gown borrowing arrangements (gowns are required).

  • Visiting Christ Church

    When is my Gaudy?

    You can find out more information about Gaudies, including the proposed schedule for the next seven years, on the Christ Church Gaudy page.

  • Visiting Christ Church

    Can I get married in the cathedral?

    Permission to marry in the cathedral is normally given to members of the college within ten years of leaving. For more information, please contact The Chaplain, Clare Hayns.

  • Degrees and Graduations

    How do I confer my MA degree?

    BA and BFA graduates are entitled to proceed in due course to the MA degree, which may be taken seven years following original matriculation (in or after the 21st term from matriculation). A £40.00 fee is payable. Bookings for degree ceremonies may be made through the Administrative Assistant. Before booking, please bear in mind the following University Regulations:

    • A candidate may be presented in person for only one degree at each ceremony. This will normally be the superior of the degrees for which he or she is eligible. A candidate may, however, take other degrees in absentia at the same ceremony when a degree is taken in person.
    • Once a candidate’s name has been entered he or she may not withdraw from the ceremony. If a candidate is unable to be present, the degree will be conferred in absentia.

    Please email the Administrative Assistant for information on how to book a place.

  • Publications and Staying in Touch

    Is there anyone else from Christ Church in my area/industry?

    There are several ways to find out if there are other Christ Church Members in your area.

    Oxford Alumni Community

    You can use the Oxford Alumni Community to see if there are any Christ Church Members in your area. This is a web platform and app designed to help University of Oxford alumni connect with each other all over the world. As a member, you can search for other alumni through the directory, post and search for jobs, post events and photos, and share professional insights.Using the directory, you can also search for Christ Church Members using the filter by college option. You can request a mentor, offer your own mentoring services, or just message a Christ Church Member directly. You can also follow our Christ Church page and keep in touch with the House in this way. You can download the platform to your iPhone via the App Store or Android device via Google Play giving you instant access to the community wherever you are. With new functionality, such as the ‘near me’ map, you can build your local Oxford and Christ Church network and forge new relationships with old members.

    Christ Church Facebook Group

    You can join the Christ Church Facebook group and ask if anyone is local to you or in your industry.

  • Ask the Development Office

    If you prefer, you can ask the Development Office to check for Members in your area and email them a message from you. The Christ Church Association also offers Careers Advice help and the Careers Rep will be happy to try and put you in touch with someone from your preferred industry if you are looking to mentor someone or seek advice.

  • Publications and Staying in Touch

    How can I submit news to the Annual Report?

    You can submit news to the Annual Report by filling out this form or emailing Jackie Webber.

  • Publications and Staying in Touch

    How can I update my address with Christ Church as an Alumnus/Alumna?

    You can update your contact details and communication preferences using our online form. Alternatively, you can get in touch with a member of the Development Office.