About Us

Some 20 years ago a small group of Old Members in the United States decided to begin soliciting annual donations to benefit the House from the 500 or so Old Members resident in the U.S. As a result, the American Friends of Christ Church was created. At the same time, it was decided to establish the American Friends’ Scholarships for American graduates of North American universities who wished to pursue graduate studies in any discipline at the House. Support of these Scholarships was the initial goal of the American Friends’ Annual Appeals and over a period of time funds were raised to support six or seven scholars annually. Such has been the support from Old Members that one scholarship annually is now entirely endowed.

The American Friends was incorporated and obtained charitable status in the U.S. in 2004. Since then, the American Friends has acted as the entity through which U.S. resident Old Members and friends may make tax deductible donations to Christ Church, either in support of the enlarged Annual Fund or to help various capital projects.

The American Friends was founded by its President, Peter S. Paine Jr., 1957, with the support of the late Ogden (Denny) N. Lewis (1966) as Treasurer and Gregor E. Sohns (1968) as Vice President.  In light of Denny's recent death, Greg has taken over as Treasurer and a new generation is getting involved with the election of Jonathan Auerbach and Peter S. Paine III (both 1985) to the Board. All act on a pro bono basis. The considerable administrative tasks are all handled by Peter’s able Executive Assistant, Cindy Monty, and the Friends work hand in glove with the Development and Alumni Office in Christ Church.

“Since 2003 over  $11,000,000 has been raised by the American Friends of Christ Church for their alma mater, and this figure excludes the exceptional gift of $50,000,000 given by Sir Michael Moritz and Lady Harriet Heyman in 2008, which was also contributed via the American Friends.”

Thank you to everyone.

Peter S. Paine Jr.
President, American Friends of Christ Church, Inc.,