Marisa N Beniot

The 2009-10 American Friends Scholars
Marisa N Beniot, American Friends Scholar 2011/12

Marisa N Beniot, American Friends Scholar 2011/12

Thank you, American Friends of Christ Church, for your significant generosity. The financial and moral support that the scholarship provides is even more meaningful to me as someone who has worked for several years in order to fund my graduate studies.

I am thrilled to be studying at Christ Church and am an active, enthusiastic member of the graduate community in the House and the University at large. I've acted as Female Welfare Officer to provide support for the women of the GCR and am currently the President of the Oxford Student-Alumni Society, a group dedicated to strengthening the ties between current students and alumni of the university. My DPhil research in the history of medicine seeks to build bridges between historians on both sides of the Atlantic by examining cultures of health in colonial America and early modern England. My current endeavours and future academic goals are made possible by your support.

I truly appreciate the world that your generosity has opened up to me, and I look forward to continuing to learn and thrive in this amazing environment.”