The Moritz- Heyman Donation:

Michael Moritz and his wife Harriet Heyman.

In June 2008 Christ Church was delighted to announce an endowment donation of £25 million from Michael Moritz (1973) and his wife Harriet Heyman. This is the largest single donation in the college’s history.

The impact of the donation has been felt beyond the boundaries of Christ Church and the terms of the donation are explained in full on the university website:

A gift of this size and scope, devoted to the key purposes of collegiate education, is the most precious gift an Oxford college can receive. It enables it to pursue precisely those things Oxford does best: undergraduate teaching, post-graduate research-training, and academic research, and to do it in an intellectually lively and rich cultural environment, where disciplines mix, and students and teachers live and work alongside one another.

The gift has added some £800,000 to the college’s current annual income, which can be spent on academic posts, student support, and capital development projects. Particular benefits will also accrue to the University as a whole with joint academic posts (including fixed-term fellowships in science), full bursary support for science graduates and improved access to fee remissions and other forms of support for undergraduates.

The total sum was invested in Oxford University Asset Management, the University of Oxford’s collective investment vehicle. Under the terms of the gift, Christ Church also transferred £75m of its existing portfolio into the OUAM fund.